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3/8" Bamboo Eco-Friendly Lanyards (100 Pack)
Earth-Friendly Lanyards 3/8

3/8" Bamboo Eco-Friendly Lanyards (100 Pack)

Part Number 0330-0124
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Product Description
Eco-Friendly LanyardEarth-Friendly Bamboo, 3/8" (10mm), flat eco weave with black wide plastic hook and break-away.

Minimize your carbon footprint with 3/8" Earth-friendly bamboo lanyards. Bamboo-based products are an increasingly popular choice because bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources due to its fast growth and resilient fibers. Its fibers even though they are strong and resilient are also easily broken down in the soil and therefore help prevent environmental waste and pollution.

Made from 100% bamboo, this new lanyard is comfortable to wear, strong, durable and naturally anti-microbial (will not allow bacteria to accumulate and grow) AND is completely washable.

The unprinted 3/8" Earth-friendly bamboo lanyard is a product you can feel good about using. It's crafted with 100% bamboo fiber, making it comfortable to wear, strong, durable and naturally bacteria-resistant. 3/8" Earth-friendly bamboo lanyards feature a recycled no-twist wide plastic hook* and safety break-away, and are available in several colors.

*Note: The no-twist wide plastic hook and break-away attachment is made of nylon with 15-30% post industrial recycled nylon resin from the plastic molding process.

Custom printing options are also available with the 3/8" Earth-friendly lanyards. Please contact us for details or for any additional questions you may have regarding customization of these lanyards.

Identification products, like the ones shown on this website, are manufactured and sold by the millions every year. Many of them are only used for a short period of time... and thrown away. For that reason we are proud to introduce "Earth-Friendly" ID products made from recycled and/or natural materials.
  • Earth-Friendly
  • 3/8" (10mm)
  • Cut Length: 36" (914mm)
  • In Stock Quick Ship or Customization Available
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