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TF2000 Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor

Part Number 4010-0001
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TF2000 Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor
TF2000 Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor
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Product Description

Post Authentication Security™

Most security solutions focus on authenticating and granting proper network access for users. Unfortunately, even these advanced solutions fall short when legitimate and properly authenticated users leave their computers unattended. 70% - 80% of the reported security breaches happen from inside the organization making internal misuse the primary threat to any organization.

Most organizations have invested significant resources to safe guard their networks from external threats. From firewalls and intrusion prevention solutions to Antivirus and anti spam, keeping those outside the organization from gaining access in many cases is under control. Can you say the same for your internal users?

Has this happened to you…

You are logged in to your network and decide to briefly leave to get a cup of coffee. In route you unfortunately get side tracked by coworkers and return to your computer hours later only to see it is still logged in and open to all who stopped in. New items on your desk show that you had visitors...what information may they have seen? Let's face it, you have tried the screen saver time outs but the inadvertent locking due to no keyboard or mouse movements compelled you to lengthened the timeout period. Eventually you simply turned the screen saver lock off.

Our flagship product, the TF2000 helps to eliminate unauthorized access by using an ultrasonic proximity detector that senses when a user approaches a workstation and most importantly, when they leave. When a user walks away from an open session, the TF2000 takes over and quickly closes the session...without any additional keystrokes or intervention required by the end user.

While it may seem like magic, the TF2000 relies upon some very simple principles and some very remarkable engineering to accomplish this task. Whether you are using Biometrics, Single Sign On, Smart Cards, Tokens or Secure Passwords to authenticate users, the TF2000 proximity sensor will integrate seamlessly into your network environment without the need for any hardware or software modifications.
TF2000 Proximity Sensor

The ComputerProx TF2000 automates the locking of the PC when you step away. The TF2000 uses ultrasound to detect your presence. When you leave the proximity of the PC, the TF2000 automatically locks the system without requiring any keystrokes from you!

No need for awkward timeout settings that mistakenly lock the PC when you are present. The TF2000 can detect your presence and will not lock the system inadvertently.

The TF2000 attaches to the PC via the USB port and is configured by the system as a keyboard. Commands are simply sent to the PC as keystrokes therefore no special drivers are required! The individual keystrokes and specified delays are all configurable using our configuration tool.

In addition, to the ‘walk-away’ command, the TF2000 has a ‘walk-to’ sequence which allows keystrokes to be sent when you approach the PC.

For example, under Windows 2000 the TF2000 sends the CTRL-ALT-DEL sequence when the user approaches the PC. This readies the PC for user authentication. When the user leaves the PC, the TF2000 sends the CTRL-ALT-DEL Enter key sequence to close the session and put the Client PC back into login mode.

When it comes to locking the unattended computer there are few choices. Most administrators are forced to either rely on the user to manually lock the computer or on inactivity timeouts. Both of these methods are generally undesirable and unreliable. Users often forget to lock the computer while leaving. Time-outs are often set too long thus creating a security risk or set too short and become a nuisance to the user.

Automated Locking with TF2000

The TF2000 sensor now locks the unattended computer automatically! The TF2000 incorporates a sophisticated ultrasonic sensor to detect the presence of the user. When the user leaves the defined distance, the TF2000 sends the keystrokes to lock the system. These would be the same keys the user should have hit prior to leaving the system.

Walk-to Commands as Well

On a user’s return, the TF2000 detects the presence of the user and can optionally send keystrokes to initiate the log on process.

Easy Installation...No Special Drivers!

Installation of the TF2000 is a snap! Since the TF2000 attaches to the computer as a USB keyboard, no custom drivers are required. The computer simply thinks the user is hitting the keys.

Configuration a Breeze

All configuration of the TF2000 is done through the supplied configuration utility. Programming of the keystroke sequences, timeouts and other option are easy to modify and stored in the onboard non-volatile memory.

Saves Energy Too

With TF2000, computers can be put into stand-by mode immediately upon the users departure. No more unattended computers wasting energy and dollars. TF2000 starts paying for itself immediately after installation!

  • Typical Read Range Minimum: 14”
  • Maximum: 42” Read Range (Recommended) up to 60" allowed
  • Reader Dimensions - Reader: 1.78”x1.98”x0.84”
  • Cable: 72” USB
  • Power: 5.0V via USB Port
  • Operating Temperature 40-120F
  • Operating Humidity 0-95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
  • Sonic Frequency 40KHz
  • FCC Certification, United States
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