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Ordering Policy - Fraud Abatement Guidelines

Internet Credit Card Fraud is rampant and is a constant threat to our organization. 

We may at our discretion inquire with you for additional or supporting documentation to release your order.  Failure to comply with these valid requests will result in the cancellation of your order without notification.

Fraudulent orders or attempted fraudulent orders will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Artemis Solutions Group maintains a close working relationship with Law Enforcement Authorities in the US and abroad.

These policies are not to be waived under any circumstances.

Artemis Solutions Group maintains an industry leading fraud abatement policy and as such your order is subject to being cancelled WITHOUT NOTIFICATION FOR ANY of the following reasons:

  • Use of a free email (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, freemail, or others) address as primary method of communication.  Only email addresses from valid, traceable and verifiable domains will be accepted.

  • IP Addresses are tracked during the order process.  If we can verify you are spoofing or otherwise masking your IP address to place the order it will be canceled immediately with no further recourse.

  • Attempting to ship an order through a freight forwarding company to a destination outside the US without notification and approval of ASG.

  • Ordering High Encryption Security products for shipment to a freight forwarding company

  • Orders to be shipped to so called "Mail Drop Sites" such as MBE, UPS Stores, Kinko's, etc.

  • Listing of an invalid telephone number or email address on your order or failing to list a phone or email contact.

  • Failure to fill out completely the Order Form during checkout

  • Request to ship a product or service to an address other than the billing verified address of your credit card company without proper documentation as required by our guidelines.

  • Refusal to comply with any of our fraud abatement or international shipping guidelines.