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Artemis Solutions Group does not maintain offices, offer on-site repair, employ outside sales representatives or agents or any other activity which would create a nexus (a minimum level of presence, either direct or representational, within a state or taxing jurisdiction for a business entity to be required to collect, pay and remit certain state and local taxes.) with any State other than the State of Washington.

ASG currently collects Sales Tax on all sales that originate or are delivered to Washington State. 

The Constitution of the United States limits the power of the states to subjects within their jurisdiction. Jurisdiction over interstate commerce is reserved to the federal government. Nevertheless, ASGs customers as residents of a state with a sales tax who purchases goods from ASG through our Internet site(s) MAY be subject to pay a "use tax" (often at the same rate as your state sales tax) for non-exempt purchases.  Payment of this USE TAX is the Customers responsibility and ASG will not be held accountable for these fees or the customers' payment or non-payment of amounts due. (Contact your local State Sales Tax or Revenue Department for more information)

There is substantial work being done by the 46 states and protectorates within the United States that collect sales tax to force (or encourage) Internet eTailers such as ASG to collect and remit State and Local sales tax.  As these activities progress or as changes are made to the law by the US Congress that require ASG to collect and remit these taxes, ASG will make changes to its business model and Internet site(s) to comply with these laws.

For deliveries of ASG products to Canada from the United States and as a condition of entry of the product(s) into the country, and delivery to the consumer, the FULL payment of PST (Provincial Sales Tax), GST (General Sales Tax) and a Customs Clearance Fee is required by all carriers.  These fees are remitted by your Shipping Carrier to the appropriate taxing authorities within Canada.  YOU are considered the Importing Party and must clear customs with your DESIGNATED broker or shipper.

To comply with these regulations, YOUR shipper will charge the appropriate PST, GST and a customs clearance fee in addition to regular shipping costs for all orders going to Canada. (except those orders that should be rightfully tax exempt, whereby the customs clearance fee is the only fee charged or where the customer may choose to use their own customs clearance agent and shipping company prepaid). 

You will be required to contact your shipping agent to arrange for customs clearance and GST/PST payment directly with them.

The payment of Sales and/or Use Tax and customs clearance fees and documentation outside of the State of Washington and the Country of Canada is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.